Advent Crystals Week 3

The past week’s Crystal advent has provided me some fine & new to me stones/crystals. A couple will end rip in the advent called dar I’m curating for my Xmas day guests. The blue lace agate is beautiful & resonates with me, as does the blue goldstone. 

I started the Your Witchy Guide advent box. each day is wrapped in black tissue paper or in a glittery box. So far I haven’t been disappointed. a couple of the days had multiple items. 1. protection ball with sigil, crystals, herbs; 2. Unbinding spell candle; 3. Prosperity spay; 4/5. Yule Tarot spread; Yule Magical Oil recipe; 6. rough rose quartz/ below it crystal confetti; 7. Warding Salt blend; 8. Stfu candle (shut the fuck up).

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