Advent Adventures

Thanks to L’Occitane I’ve become a fan of advent calendars. They have daily surprises for the first 24 days of December. I bought the ‘regular’ one year – tearing open the days to find bath bombs, face creams etc. The next year I ordered a couple of extras to be delivered to my sister. Another year I bought two – a regular for Xmas day & a ‘deluxe’ just for myself. The deluxe has larger travel sized & comes in drawers. The Xmas day would get passed around to my guests on that day until it was emptied. It was a hit. This year I’ll be refilling last year’s deluxe with various soaps, crystals, & some jewelry.

I did an Esty search to see what I might find with a more wicca leaning & came across two that I’ve added to treat myself this year. One is a 24 day crystal advent from Open Omen Wellness, in BC. They offer 12 & 24 day regular & deluxe calendars – numbered organza bags – each stone comes with a card with info about its properties. The deluxe has larger stones. If it duplicates stones I already have they’ll go into this year’s Xmas day advent adventure.

the first five days

I’ve always wondered how the attributes of each stone has been ascertained? I know that the ancient Egyptians & Chinese believed certain stones/crystals have ‘magical’ properties but I still wonder how they came to such conclusions? I know in some cases the colour of the stone was a hint. I have a couple of books with this sort of information & you know, some of them contradict each other. But regardless I know diamonds will always be my best friend.

The other one is We WITCH you a Merry Christmas from Your Witchy Guide, in NS, also on Esty. This is a mystery box with 25 surprises that includes candles, spells, essential oils, incense etc. I plan to start this one on Dec 13 so that I finish it on Epiphany. 

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